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Why we are different

We provide a support solution driven by your needs. This means that our activities and engagement will depend upon the level of support you require. Our involvement can range from a single senior consultant providing a project management role meeting with the client managers on a monthly basis through to a multi-disciplinary team working full time on your premises to manage and implement the entire project.

Our Added Value

The reality is that no outsiders can ever hope to know more about a company than the company’s own management team.
On the face of it, it is difficult to see how an external team can ever hope to add any value to the internal management team. After all the management team is intimately knowledgeable about every aspect of the business whereas the external team arrives knowing next to nothing.
However studies show that the majority of managers spend most of their time on immediate business issues; those current problems and opportunities that are concerned with the achievement of this quarter’s objectives.
In addition, most corporations have streamlined their organization so that there is little if any spare management time. Most managers will find that they have more than enough to consider, with the short-term operational issues.
At the same time every corporation will face a range of opportunities and problems on a regular basis. Quite a number of these opportunities and problems may not have any impact on the business this quarter yet could have a profound impact on the business in the medium term.
Every corporation needs a mechanism to address at least some of these opportunities and problems. Some can be addressed by the internal management team yet others cannot because they will require time, attention and possibly experience and techniques that are not possessed by the management team.
We provide the resources to support the internal management team. We do not seek to usurp the management team’s role or replicate its abilities.

Our Role

  • Providing direction and coaching to the management team. In this case the management team will do the bulk of the work with the consultant acting as a Mentor.
  • Managing and conducting the entire piece of work- in this case the consultant acts more like an Interim Manager.
  • Guiding the management team but providing direct support as necessary

Our client project analysis has shown that we add value in four ways:

Focus- Our consultant-managers have no other ‘day job’ or other demands; we can focus exclusively on the project. All of our time can be devoted to the issues without the distractions of normal business. This means that we can reduce the project time significantly.

Objectivity- Our team has no agenda other than the completion of the project. We have no political allegiances, no history and no turf to protect. We can concentrate on the project without other distractions and can present the learning objectively.

Processes and Tools- We devote significant time to developing processes and tools for analysis and development. Each project is conducted using carefully prepared procedures that are the result of many years of experience. We have developed unique analysis tools (such as the Sales Scorecard) for use in specific parts of the business that offer insights unavailable anywhere else. The processes and tools are packaged within our unique Modular system. The Modular system is set up as a comprehensive package of tools and potential solutions aimed at individual aspects of the sales and marketing environment. We continue to conduct research and development work to enhance further the models.

Experience- It is unusual for us to be confronted with a situation that we have not experienced to some degree already. As a result we have defined methods and processes ready to be applied to most situations that incorporate best practice thinking. We would expect to arrive at any project with a well-established approach and methodology. Much of this experience is formalized in our Modules.

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