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Organisational change – business transformation, reorganisation, merger

Studies show that 70% - 80% of organizational change projects are deemed to have failed. In many cases the problem lies with the implementation. Much of the work we do in change and transformation is focused on the implementation. In particular we look at what people need to do, how they need to do it and why they should want to.

We are currently involved in a number of large scale Transformation projects most of which are aimed at driving EBITDA.

The aim of this work is to support the senior management team to:

  • Define exactly what are the most profitable parts of the business
  • Identify incremental profit opportunities based upon this understanding – this is likely to involve looking at reducing low margin activity, increasing higher margin activity
  • Develop specific plans to achieve the profit opportunities
  • Define a resource/asset structure to support the direction
  • Develop and implement support activity (systems, tools, skills) to ensure that the right environment is in place

Projects that require significant change raise all sorts of additional issues.

Studies about various organisations  indicate that the majority of change initiatives fail to deliver the expected benefits.

Change management in itself becomes a key success factor in these situations.

Core questions

Why do we need to change?

What will happen if we do not change?

What does the change look like?

What processes, skills and tools do we need?

How do we want people to do things?

How will we implement the change?

Why will people support the change?

What does the implementation plan look like?

How will we measure success?

White papers

Change and Transformation Implementation

Bonus and incentives



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