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Consumer products: Regional/global harmonisation of prices & terms


Companies in many market sectors are finding that their key customers are interested in moving away from a country based relationship to a regional or global relationship. Generally this requires the supplier providing a regional or global set of prices, terms and conditions.

Client issue

How to manage the transition from local country supply and negotiation to supplying the customer across the region with uniform prices and terms

Project questions

  • How is the customer structured?
  • What is the customer’s overall demand?
  • Who is currently supplying the customer across the region?
  • What are the current prices, terms and conditions across the region?
  • What are the governance procedures?
  • To what extent can we correlate prices and terms with performance?
  • What are the options for a uniform model?
  • Where will we gain and lose?
  • Where are the incremental business opportunities?
  • How do we implement the new pricing model?
What is the current supply and customer management situation across the region?

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