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Sales & Marketing Scorecards

We have been working with a wide variety of companies for more than 15 years across most major industries and geographies.

We have found that, whilst each client situation is unique, there are often common or generic issues that are relevant to many companies.

Over the years we have summarised these issues into a series of Best Practice Scorecards. Each Scorecard focuses on one core topic and presents a series of questions. The idea is to stimulate thinking and to help diagnose the possible issues at an early stage.

Clearly some questions will be more or less relevant for different organisations in different circumstances.

The questions are not designed to be company, industry or sector specific. They are clearly generic.

Most senior executives find this approach very useful. The Scorecards can be used to stimulate discussion, to conduct a top line audit and to help the management team identify key issues within the business.

The questions have been selected as representing the most commonly encountered issues for most companies but they are not written to be totally comprehensive or applicable in every situation.

To the extent that they are generic and cover broad topics, most senior executives who have used this approach have agreed that they represent a good indication of best practice.

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